045. Natalie Nixon: The Dance of Creativity
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045. Natalie Nixon: The Dance of Creativity



Dr. Natalie Nixon is a creativity strategist, global keynote speaker, and author of the award-winning The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work. As president of Figure 8 Thinking, she advises leaders on transformation by applying wonder and rigor to amplify growth and business value. Natalie's been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, LinkedIn’s "Hello Monday" podcast, and Seth Godin’s "Akimbo" podcast.


She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, John, and is a lifelong student of dance—hip-hop and social ballroom of late.



In this conversation we talk about:

  • Learning patience and flexibility through her COVID experience.
  • Growing up as a sensitive kid in Philly, and moving to a rough public school there and how that affected her. 
  • How her father's love of jazz and her mother's love of opera and classical music brought her closer to a world of art and creativity.
  • Studying anthropology and Africana studies, and how she ending up getting a PhD in design management in London.
  • The difference between being artistic vs being creative.
  • Why strategy is creative, and why creativity is strategic.
  • How we all have a creative capacity.
  • The role of chaos in creativity.
  • Her book, The Creativity Leap.
  • How dance and design thinking are related, and what she learned about design and creativity from ballroom dancing and hip-hop.
  • Embracing difference as a part of the creative process.
  • And how we need people around that will ask different questions than we would.


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And now let's jump right in with Dr. Natalie Nixon.




[4:17] Life During COVID

[9:09] Early Childhood Driving Forces

[16:31] An Academic Background

[21:51] Strategy is Creative

[27:06] Toggling Between Wonder and Rigor

[32:25] Chaordic Systems

[36:17] Gifts of Dance

[41:49] Becoming the Movement

[44:18] Creative Abrasion

[47:10] A Short Sermon